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  • Market News & Guidance

    Week in Review

    Each week we provide a summary of market highlights and the latest economic news.

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    4 Things Everyone Gets Wrong about Social Security

    We’ll help you separate the myths from the facts.

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    Daily Market Recap

    We're following the market and industry news to provide information relevant to your investments. (Updated daily after market close.)

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    Market Watch

    Market Indexes

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    4 Things Everyone Gets Wrong about Social Security

    Here are some important tips to help you separate the myths from the facts?when making final decisions about Social Security filing strategies.

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    How Does Accrued Interest Work?

    Learn how you can calculate accrued interest on bonds and what this means for your portfolio.

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    Timing the Market Isn't Worth Your Time

    Learn why staying invested and periodically adjusting your portfolio may be a better option.

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    Are You in Control of Your Legacy?

    Developing an estate strategy is not merely about wealth. It’s about putting you in control of your legacy, ensuring the items most important to you are cared for as you intend.

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    What Can We Expect From an Aging Bull Market?

    This bull market in stocks is now more than 10 years old. Will it age gracefully from here, or are its days numbered?

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    Growth, Income or Both? Choose What's Right for You Right Now

    Your long-term financial goals are unique, and your investments should reflect that. But should your portfolio’s focus change over time?

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    Are You Using Your Cash Wisely?

    It’s important to have cash on hand – but do you know how much you really need? Our USES acronym can help.

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    Global Stocks Fall Due to Rising U.S.-China Trade Tensions

    Stocks fell sharply on May 13 following the most recent U.S.-China tit-for-tat on tariffs. A return to higher volatility doesn't change the positive economic fundamentals, however.

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    Steps to Stay on Track Toward Your Financial Goals

    When it comes to your investing strategy, success usually comes over time, not overnight.

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    5 Reasons for Optimism

    Don’t let headlines about political or economic uncertainty reduce your confidence in the future. Here are five reasons for optimism today.

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    Risk: How to Avoid Taking More Than You Need

    Risk is a normal part of investing, but how can you decide what’s right for your situation?

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    Is a Recession on the Horizon?

    Fortunately predictions don’t produce a recession. Here are the important indicators we’re watching.

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    Do You Have Everything You Need to File?

    This checklist can help you track documents you may need to complete your 2018 income tax return.

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    In a Persistent Pullback, Perspective Is Priceless

    As a long-term investor, the key is not to ignore the risks, but to remain focused on your investment horizon.

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    Markets Under Pressure on Concerns over Federal Reserve Policy and Potential Government Shutdown

    Stocks turned lower Dec. 19 and 20. Get our take on the Fed’s most recent interest rate hike and the potential impact of a government shutdown.

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    2018’s Peaks and Pullbacks

    A pickup truck and an Italian sports car are both automobiles, but you wouldn’t judge their performance on the same attributes. The same goes for your investments.

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    Have You Taken Your Required Distribution for 2018?

    Are you required to take a distribution from a retirement account this year? Missing this deadline could result in a tax bill plus a penalty.

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    Don’t Miss Your Chance to Fully Fund Your IRA

    Fully funding your IRA for 2018 is a critical part of keeping your retirement savings strategy on track.

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    What’s in a Number? A Look at Market Moves

    Is a 100-point shift in the Dow Jones Industrial Average a big deal? Let’s crunch the numbers.

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      Quarterly Market Outlook - 3rd Quarter - 2019

      Our perspective on important market and economic topics?to help you make decisions affecting your long-term financial strategy.

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