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  • Online Bill Pay


    Life can be hectic, so small things that simplify your life can make a big difference. When it comes to paying bills, we can help make this chore easier. Edward Jones Online Access allows you the ability to pay your bills online – not to mention numerous other convenient features, such as transferring money and viewing your account activity, the latest market information and research opinions.


    With Online Bill Payment you can:

    • Access all of your critical bill payment tasks in one central Payment Center?
    • Make payments to virtually anyone1 – even your next-door neighbor?
    • Receive bills online (e-bills) from major billers, such as utility companies and credit card companies?
    • Create automatic payments for recurring bills, such as mortgage payments, car payments and insurance premiums
    • Sign up for email notifications to alert you when bills are due
    • Schedule one-time payments up to a year in advance?
    • Review your payment history from the last six months

    Eligible account types

    The following account types are eligible for Edward Jones Bill Payment:

    • Single
    • Joint
    • Living Trust
    • Testamentary Trust
    • Sole Proprietorship

    How to sign up

    To use online bill payment, you must?be enrolled in Online?Access?for 30 days. Inside?online access is a section called "Pay Bills." There you will find instructions and a link for enrolling in online bill payment. If you have any questions, contact Online Client Support at 1-800-441-5203.

    Important Information:

    1***Online bill payment cannot be used to pay federal and state income tax or court-ordered payments.

    *To use online bill payment, you must have an Edward Jones account with a money market fund or Insured Bank Deposit program.

    More information about the Insured Bank Deposit program, including the program disclosure, is available at our office or at www.9shas.com/bankdeposit.

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    Find a Financial Advisor

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      Access anytime, anywhere

      Online?access puts you in control of your info whenever and wherever you need it.

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      Let’s Keep in Touch

      The Edward Jones app is great for managing your accounts and connecting with your financial advisor on the go. And it now features touch ID for even more convenience. To get started, download from the App Store or Google Play.

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