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  • Mobile Check Deposit

    Deposit checks with ease

    You can securely deposit checks into your Edward Jones account from anywhere at any time. It's as easy as taking a picture from your mobile phone or tablet within the Edward Jones app. This means you no longer have to mail or drop off a check.

    There are dollar limitations and account restrictions, so be sure to check out our FAQs for more information.

    Don't have the Edward Jones app yet? Download it today.


    Seven steps to deposit a check

    Step 1

    Grab your check

    Step 2

    Open the Edward Jones mobile app from your smart phone or tablet

    Step 3

    Open the app, log-in and select "Deposit Checks" from the navigation

    Step 4

    Select your account and input the value of the check

    Step 5

    Take a photo of the front of your check. Make certain the check is flattened and is placed on a dark background.

    Step 6

    Take a photo of the back of your check and verify to whom the check is payable. If payable to you, write "Deposit at Edward Jones" beneath your signature

    Step 7

    Select "Make Your Deposit"

    Once your deposit is processed, the amount will be reflected in your activity and you will receive a confirmation by email. If your check is submitted during normal business hours, this usually happens within one business day.

    Find a Financial Advisor

    Find a Financial Advisor

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      Mobile Check Deposit FAQs

      Most frequently asked questions regarding making deposits into your Edward Jones account from your mobile phone or tablet.

      Read more

      Let’s Keep in Touch

      The Edward Jones app is great for managing your accounts and connecting with your financial advisor on the go. And it now features touch ID for even more convenience. To get started, download from the App Store or Google Play.

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